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The Rise of Electronic Systems in Vehicle Inspections

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Electronic systems have become prevalent in both personal and commercial vehicles. We are familiar with electronic tolling and the Pre-Pass system for weigh station bypassing. Now, states are beginning to use electronic technology for truck inspection, enhancing safety and efficiency in the transportation industry.driver using electronic tire inspection equipment

Idaho’s Innovative Electric Tire Inspection System

Idaho recently installed an advanced Tire Safety Screening System at selected Ports of Entry. This cutting-edge electric tire inspection system uses sensors embedded in the road to screen vehicles for tire anomalies such as flat tires, low inflation, missing tread, or mismatched diameter.

How the System Works

The system detects these anomalies and transmits the information to personnel, who can then complete a visual inspection of the vehicle. In its first 14 months of operation, the initial installation has detected over 1,100 anomalies, showcasing the effectiveness of this technology in enhancing road safety.

Collaboration with FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been collaborating with states that have adopted this technology to evaluate its performance. States are required to submit data on their use of the system and its accuracy, helping to refine and improve the technology further.

Benefits of the Electric Tire Inspection System

One significant advantage of the electric tire inspection system is its comprehensive inspection capability. Unlike traditional methods, this system inspects the tires of all vehicles entering the Port of Entry, not just those selected for roadside inspection. This ensures a higher level of safety and compliance across all vehicles.

The adoption of electronic systems like Idaho’s Tire Safety Screening System marks a significant advancement in vehicle inspection technology. As more states begin to implement similar systems, the transportation industry can expect improved safety standards and more efficient inspection processes.

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