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CVSA Roadcheck 2022: What You Need To Know

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17 to Thursday, May 19, 2022. CVSA Roadcheck events occur annually to ensure commercial vehicle DOT compliance and promote roadway safety.

What is the CVSA Roadcheck 2022?

The CVSA Roadcheck 2022 is a 72-hour DOT blitz of commercial motor vehicle inspections across the United States. Certified inspectors will stop commercial motor vehicles at weigh and inspection stations, on patrols, and at temporary inspection sites.

Inspectors will conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection during the Roadcheck, which is a 37-step procedure that evaluates both the vehicle and the driver for compliance.

What is the focus of CVSA Roadcheck 2022?

Each year, the CVSA designates a roadside inspection focus. This year’s CVSA Roadcheck focus is wheel ends: the wheels, rims, and hubs of vehicles.

Commercial vehicle wheel ends are essential in roadway safety. Wheel ends support loads, maintain stability, and stop the vehicle when you brake.

However, wheel end components are consistently in the top 10 vehicle violations in DOT inspections, and about 25% of vehicle out-of-service violations found in past CVSA Roadcheck were due to wheel end components.

How to prepare for the CVSA Roadcheck 2022

Wheel end violations are very common. These violations result in out-of-service (OOS) orders, so it is important to ensure your fleet is in compliance before CVSA Roadcheck 2022.

Inspectors will perform full inspections, but they will place extra emphasis on Steps 15 and 18 of the North American Standard Level I Inspection, which focus specifically on the wheels, rims and hubs of commercial motor vehicles.

Inspectors will check for things like:

  • Proper tire inflation
  • Tire and valve stem leaks
  • Tread wear
  • Bent or damaged rims
  • Tire contact with any other part of the vehicle
  • And more

Download the CVSA Roadcheck 2022 Focus Area Flyer to see the full list of inspection points.

If inspectors identify any violations, your vehicle and/or driver will be placed out of service and be unable to operate until violations are corrected.

If no critical violations are detected, your vehicle passes inspection. Inspectors affix a CVSA inspection decal to the vehicle, and vehicles with valid CVSA decals typically are not subject to re-inspection as long as the decal remains valid.

Don’t risk getting OOS orders during the CVSA Roadcheck this May. Prepare for inspections with DOT mock audits and compliance recommendations from experts you can trust. Schedule time to talk with our team to get started.